Cabbage, carrots, and cucumbers.

I usually only grow summer or fresh market cabbage, but this year I'm going to try growing winter or storage cabbage.  Summer cabbage their crisp, tender texture, fresh-eating cabbages are best enjoyed shortly after harvest. These varieties have many uses, from summer salads and coleslaw to using leaves as wraps.  I can't find anything on … Continue reading Cabbage, carrots, and cucumbers.


Beans and Beets

Beets I grow 5 types of beets: white, yellow, chiogga, cylinder, and round red.  I love cylinder beets as they are easier to peel and to cut.  Chioggia beets flesh are very tender, mild, and sweet.  Chioggia beets are the sweetest, than red, yellow, and lastely white.  One thing to note if cooking all 4 beets … Continue reading Beans and Beets

May Review

I use biodegradable mulch to keep weeds down, keep things moist, and heat retention.Some days it's impossible to stay clean at the garden.My new tractor. Going to make life so much easier at the garden.Freshly seeded pumpkin trays. All they need is some heat and some water to start popping through the soil.Beautiful Indian corn.

How to Plant a Pumpkin Patch.

Step 1: Plant the pumpkin, Indian corn, and squash seeds.Step 2: Water, water, and watch them grow.Step 3: Till the pumpkin patch.Step 4: Lay down the biodegradable plastic mulchStep 5: Plant the pumpkins.Step 6: Water, water, and water.Step 7: Till, water, and weed.Step 8: Harvest! Tilling the garden!Laying down the plastic.Planting the pumpkins.Indian corn.The pumpkins … Continue reading How to Plant a Pumpkin Patch.