Types of Carrots

Growing carrots can be hit or miss. For some people it’s super easy and some people the carrots never get big. It mainly comes down to what type of soil you have and watering. It takes carrots 10-30 days to germinate. My soil makes bricks so growing root veggies can be challenging. Last year my…

Useful Gardening Websites

When to start seeds inside! Everything you need to know about gardening and plants! Know your zone! This website has a lot of good information on both the USA zoning system and Canadian zoning system.

Zones and Frosts Dates

Why is it important to know your zone and frost dates: simple answer money! I am a frugal gardener and try to save money where I can. One way to throw money out is buying perennials that won’t survive in your zone. When buying perennials it is important to know your zone and the zone…

Container Gardening

A good read on why you should use potting mix or potting soil instead of dirt from the ground.

Full Sun vs Full Shade

Last year I wrote a post on sun vs shade and after reading it, I don’t like it so I’m redoing a post on light requirements for outdoor plants. My simple method is if it flowers and produces fruit/vegetables it needs full sun. If it just produces “leaves”, ie herbs, it can tolerate some shade….

Marigolds and their Families

Marigolds require full sun. African Marigold aka Tagetes erecta French Marigold aka Tagetes patula Is a compact and bushier plant than other marigolds.

Tomato Descriptions

Penner Pumpkins grows 41 varieties of tomatoes. Pots are $2.75 (3.3″ by 3.3″) and contain one plant. 6 packs are $3.50 each. Bush Slicer Days Ind vs Det Size Notes Manitoba 60-65 6 oz Red, prolific Red Deuce 72 10 oz Red Red Morning 70 14 oz Red Primo Red 65 8.5 oz Red Sub…

Scoville Units…How Hot is it?

Hot pepper heat is measured by the Scoville scale. The scale measures the heat/pungency of hot peppers. The scale is based on the concentration of capsaicin, an active component of¬†chili¬†peppers that produces a burning sensation when it touches your tongue or skin. It was developed in 1912. What is really interested is that the heat…